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Commit to 30 Days of Home Practice

Do want to start a home yoga practice? Or become more consistent with your existing practice?

This is for everybody! Everyone is welcome. 

In yoga, there is the idea of “Sadhana” – positive striving for a particular goal. Let’s get inspired for the New Year! In this group challenge, we will all commit to do a self practice of yoga every day for 30 consecutive days! This is about basic yoga that is achievable at home, even if your time is limited. 


To welcome the Year of the Horse, the 30 Day Challenge will run from 1 Feb to 2 March 2014. On the last day of the challenge, Sunday 2 March, there will be an optional group practice session at The Iyengar Yoga Centre of Hong Kong from 8.00–9.00am. 

How to join:

Send an email to Tiffany to sign up for the group. You will receive an introductory email explaining the basics. Each day of the challenge, you will receive a short encouraging email to help you stay on track! At the end of the 30 days, you are invited to come to the Iyengar Yoga Centre of Hong Kong to mark the end of the challenge. We will each do our own practice, but in a communal setting. Don’t feel shy! No practice is too simple... all yoga is worthwhile.page1image16272

Cost: The 30 Day Yoga Challenge is free of charge. There is no cost to participate.
Note: You are welcome to sign up for the 30 Day Challenge even if you cannot attend the final Sunday 
practice session. 


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