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Classes & Costs

Description of Classes

Level I: This class teaches the preliminaries of Iyengar Yoga. Basic standing poses are taught, simple sitting and twisting poses as well as an introduction to inversions. The poses and actions that are taught in a Level I class prepare the body for the more challenging poses that are taught in Level II classes. The Level I class is suitable if you are new to Iyengar Yoga. 

Prerequisite: there is no prerequisite for attending Level I class. Another option if you are new to Iyengar Yoga, is to attend an eight lesson “Introductory Iyengar Yoga Course”.

Level I/II: The Level I/II class is suitable for students who have some previous Yoga experience or who have attended some Level I classes. The preliminary poses of Iyengar Yoga are taught as well as some of the poses from Level II. Level I/II is a good class to attend if you are progressing from Level I to Level II.

Level I/II in 60: This is a 60 minutes condensed Level I/II class and is suitable for experienced Level I students.

Level II: This general Iyengar Yoga class builds upon the Level I training. A wider range of poses is introduced. The Level II class teaches poses that will help the yoga practitioner develop a good grounding in Yoga practice. A range of poses are covered in this class over a cycle of 4-5 weeks including standing poses, forward extensions, elementary backward extensions and inversions such as Salamba Sirsasana (Headstand) and Salamba Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand). 

Prerequisite: before attending Level II classes, students should be experienced in practicing the poses taught in Level I classes.

Level III: After a solid understanding of the Level II poses is acquired, and students have committed to regular practice, they move on to Level III. Here, students are working at an Intermediate level and require progressively greater knowledge of the poses and the capacity to maintain them. At this level students are encouraged to maintain a regular home practice. 

Prerequisite: before attending Level III classes, students should be experienced in practicing the poses taught in Level II classes.

Level IV:  This class is for experienced Iyengar Yoga students and teachers of Iyengar Yoga. Students should have an established home practice. Permission is required before attending Level IV classes. 

Prerequisite: permission is required before attending Level IV classes.

Pranayama: This class explores the body's subtle energy, called "prana", through various breathing practices and techniques. Pranayama practice develops a smooth relaxed breath, improves heart function and reduces stress. Pranayama is offered as a specialty class from time to time and is also taught in the curriculum of Level II and Level III classes.

Led Practice: Pranayama: This is a Pranayama led practice. The practice will be conducted over a period of 60 minutes. At the beginning of the practice a brief explanation of the Pranayama methods chosen for that day will be given. Then, those types of Pranayama will be practiced. Pranayama explores the body's subtle energy, called "prana", through various breathing practices and techniques. 

Prerequisite: as this is a led practice a not a class we recommend that students have some prior experience with Pranayama before attending the led practice. 

Restorative Yoga: Constant stress has a negative effect on the human body. In this class, restorative Yoga poses are taught to induce relaxation and strengthen the immune state. In addition, restorative Yoga poses can regulate body functions and calm the mind. As well as a regular 90-minute class, we also offer a two-hour Restorative Yoga class once a month.

There are no prerequisites for attending this class.

Self Practice Time: Once-a-month we run a self practice session. During this time students of the centre are invited to come along and do their own, personal practice amongst fellow students. Students of all levels are welcome as each student will work on their own practice. We will provide some practice sheets if you are not sure where to start.

The Self Practice Time is a 2-hour time slot. Come for part of that time or all of that time. 

Prerequisite: students attending must have a current package with the Iyengar Yoga Centre of Hong Kong. 

Cost for Self Practice Time: $50

Specific Needs: The Specific Needs class is an opportunity for students with injuries, ailments or special conditions to practice Iyengar Yoga with a personalised yoga sequence under the supervision of a teacher. It is suitable for students who have a condition that precludes them from attending the regular classes. This class is suitable for students who are pregnant.

Props will be used to assist the student and help them practice safely. Over time, the senior teacher will change the sequence according to the progress of the student. 

A personalised sequence can be created for a range of muscoloskeletal problems such as shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, knee pain or back issues. Students with other health challenges, including hypertension, diabetes, some neurological issues (multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome) can also practice in this environment. 

As each student's needs are unique, please call the centre to discuss your needs. 

Yoga for Children: In a child-friendly and informal environment, children between 7-12 years of age can learn and appreciate yoga the Iyengar way. The classes are playful, challenging, sportive (but not competitive) and relaxing! One-hour class prices apply. 

Prerequisite: for 7-12 years old. 

Yoga for a Healthy Back: The emphasis in this class is on strengthening the back and increasing flexibility. The class focuses on the shoulders, neck and the back. Everyone is welcome.

Yoga For Pregnancy: Students who are pregnant are invited to attend the "Specific Needs" class. A program will be tailored for a pregnant student with poses to benefit the woman during her pregnancy. Poses are taught that strengthen the body appropriately without straining or over exerting the student. Relaxation techniques that are important to a comfortable pregnancy are also taught. Registration is essential for this class. Please contact us.

Prerequisites: women should have completed the first trimester of pregnancy before attending. First time students should contact the centre before attending.

Yoga for Teenagers: This is a class for teenagers (13-19 years old). Yoga can help bring stability and a clear mind to young adults who are typically coping with unique challenges and stresses. One-hour class prices apply. 

Prerequisite: for 13-19 years old. 

Private & Semi-Private Consultations

Private Consultations: Private consultations are available if a student is working with an injury, a medical condition or needs specific help with a particular area of their practice. In the private consultation some specific advice can be given to the student. Mostly, students are encouraged to do their primary study in a class environment. In the Iyengar method the practice can be tailored for the different needs of students within the class environment.

From time to time, students enquire about starting their Yoga practice by taking private classes. Rather than starting the practice of Yoga with private lessons, we recommend that new students take an Introductory Iyengar Yoga Course.

Semi-Private Classes: Semi-private classes are available for small groups of students (from 2 - 5 students). If you are interested in arranging a semi-private class, please contact us.

Class Fees / Purchase Classes

At The Iyengar Yoga Centre of Hong Kong, we do not charge membership fees, joining fees, or any other hidden costs. Simply pay for the classes that you attend.

From time to time, we are asked if we give free trial classes. As we do not work on a membership basis or have joining fees, we do not give free trial classes. All our charges are published and we offer students the option of paying per class or buying a group of classes. 

We now accept payment (with Visa and MasterCard) for classes through the online class schedule and through our IYCHK app. Classes purchased through the online schedule or IYCHK app will automatically be added to your account. This payment will show up on your credit card statement as "Ezidebit Hong Kong".



We still accept payment using PayPal but classes purchased with PayPal will not automatically appear in your account (until we process the payment). 

90 min classes: $2880 for 16 ($180 each). Valid for 40 days.
$1680 for 8 ($210 each). Valid for 3 months.
$900 for 4 ($225 each). Valid for 2 months.
$250 for a single class.
120 min classes: $1960 for 8 ($245 each). Valid for 6 months.
$1120 for 4 ($280 each). Valid for 3 months.
$320 for a single class.
60 min classes: $1200 for 8 ($150 each). Valid for 12 months.
$180 for a single class.
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Sharing Your Class Package with Your Family
If you have a class package (4-classes, 8-classes or 16-classes package), you are permitted to share the package with your spouse/partner or children. You don't even need to attend the same class to share the package. 
Expired Classes
If your classes have expired, there is an option to re-active them. For classes that have expired in the previous 12 months, you can re-active them by attending a class and paying for a single drop in class. Your expired classes will be re-activated for one month from the date of your drop in class.
The re-activation policy is:
- valid for the "4 classes package", the "8 classes package" and the "16 classes package".
- valid for classes that have expired in the last 12 months.

Cancellation During Bad Weather

  1. Classes will be cancelled if there is a "Typhoon 8 Warning" or a "Black Rainstorm Warning"
  2. Classes will return to normal 1-2 hours after the storm warning has been lowered.

To check whether classes have resumed, please check the schedule online or call the centre on +852 2541 0401 for updates.



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