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Further Study

Once students have been attending classes for a while, it is normal to want to learn more about the subject of Yoga. It is a deep subject. Mr Iyengar says that Yoga “is an art, a science and a philosophy.”

At the centre, as well as graded classes, we offer the following programs to deepen your study.

Self Practice Time
Power of Practice
Pre-Teacher Training Program
Teacher Training



Self Practice Time

During Self Practice Time students of the centre are invited to come along and do their own personal practice of Iyengar Yoga amongst fellow students. Students of all levels are welcome as each student will work on their own practice in silence. We will provide some practice sheets if you are not sure where to start.


During the Self Practice time-slot, students can come for all or part of the allotted time. You decide how long you want to practice during the Self Practice Time slot. 


Self Practice Time is for the practice of Iyengar Yoga. Self Practice Time is not for the practice of other modalities.



Thursday 7:15am - 9:45am

Sundays 7:30am - 9:30am


Cost: $50


Prerequisites: Students attending must have a current class package with The Iyengar Yoga Centre of Hong Kong.







Power of Practice

The "Power of Practice" sessions are led by a teacher who set the sequence and timings of the pose. The teacher guides the group through the sequence without giving instruction. The emphasis is on practicing the poses in a quiet environment without instruction.


The “Power of Practice” gives students an experience practicing asana at home. The practice sessions are suitable for Level I/II students and above.


The “Power of Practice” is conducted every four months and is normally run for a five-day period, Monday to Friday from 7am - 8am.


Upcoming Dates For Power Of Practice

  • 11 - 15 September 2017
  • 29 January - 2 February 2018
  • 4 - 8 June 2018










































Pre-Teacher Training Program

The Pre-Teacher Training Program will be re-designed in 2017. A one-year program called "Iyengar Yoga in Depth" will be offered starting in September 2017. The "Iyengar Yoga in Depth" program is for students interested in deepening their study of Yoga. Please see the top of this page for details about this new program.

The Pre-Teacher Training Program (PTTP) is a one year program to enable and support students in establishing a regular practice of Yoga at home. A home practice multiplies the benefits that one is already receiving from coming to classes. Commitment to this program does not require commitment to becoming a Yoga teacher. It’s about becoming a better student.


By committing to this program, you are committing to establishing a home practice.


The reason that the program is called a Pre-Teacher Training Program is because having an established home practice is one of the pre-requisites of undertaking teacher training in Iyengar Yoga. Also, completion of the PTTP program is a pre-requisite to the two year teacher training apprenticeship offered at the centre. So, even if you are not interested in becoming a teacher, this program will be useful to


Dates: The next PTTP program will start late 2017 (dates to be confirmed).

The dates and details of the 2016 Pre-Teacher Training Program (PTTP) are below:

Duration: April 2016 to March 2017 (applications for 2016 have closed)


Over the year the PTTP program will consist of:

  • five discussion meetings during the year on Wednesday, 6:00pm - 7:30pm focussing on theory and philosophy.
  • five meetings on Saturday, 8:00am - 9:45am for asana and/or pranayama practice.
  • ten meetings on Sunday for asana investigation.
  • 3 x "Power of Practice" sessions held Monday - Friday 7am - 8am.

In addition to attending the meetings and the "Power of Practice" sessions, you are required to:

  • attend 8 classes (Level I/II, Level II or Level III) in one time slot every three month term. 
  • complete five written assignments based on reflection. 

You will receive:

  • a suggested monthly practice sequence for you to practice at home.
  • a package of 8 x 90 minute classes (every three months) that must be used in one timeslot in each three month period.
  • enrollment in 3 "Power of Practices".

Pre-requisite: This program is open to students who have attended a minimum of 40 classes with The Iyengar Yoga Centre of Hong Kong. 

If you are interested in this program, please inform us at the front desk.


























Training To Become A Teacher

The teacher training program at The Iyengar Yoga Centre of Hong Kong is run like an apprenticeship program where a small number of students who have already been studying Iyengar Yoga for years are trained to become teachers.

The next teacher training program will commence in September 2017. Please see the top of this page for details of a meeting that is being held to provide details about the upcoming teacher training program. 


Eligibility Criteria

Candidates for teacher training

  • should have done a minimum of three years study with a certified Iyengar teacher
  • should be attending weekly classes with a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher
  • have a daily yoga practice
  • should be able to perform the postures on the Introductory I and II syllabus of BKS Iyengar. At our centre, the “Introductory I” syllabus is taught in Level I classes and the “Introductory II” syllabus is taught in “Level II”

Training Process

The training program is 2-3 years. The teacher training primarily focuses on:

  • Personal practice
  • Acquiring clarity in giving instructions
  • Learning to make subtle adjustments with the use of props
  • Understanding problems faced by specific individuals
  • Basic philosophy of yoga

After successfully completing the coursework, candidates apply for assessment by an independent panel of assessors. If successful, the teacher gains an Introductory teacher's certificate (Introductory Level II) and is then qualified to teach a specified range of introductory asanas (postures).



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