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In the yoga tradition, study is considered an important means to self-knowledge.

In previous years, The Iyengar Yoga Centre of Hong Kong published a magazine named Svadhyaya, three times a year. After a hiatus of some years, The Iyengar Yoga Centre re-started the publishing of the magazine, re-named "Samasthiti". At the moment, we are not publishing the magazine. 

The magazine provided a forum for discussion about Iyengar Yoga and helped transfer information and knowledge about yoga to students within our community and beyond. At the moment our Facebook page is used as the means to share information with members of the community. Even if you are not signed up to Facebook, the information shared on our Facebook page is accessible for viewing. 

Copies of Samasthiti (and Svadhyaya) are available below.

Issue 1: June, 2013

Some highlights from this issue:

  • A run down of B.K.S. Iyengar's  2011 visit to Hong Kong;
  • Guruji’s 93rd Birthday celebrations in Pune;
  • Lynn Holt shares how the Medical class at RIMYI, Pune, changed her perspective, and her life;
  • Ever considered how simple daily tasks – like carrying a shoulder-bag – affect your entire body and wellbeing?


Volume 7 Issue 1: January, 2009

This issue focuses on "Guruji's 90th birthday celebrations!

  • a talk given by BKS Iyengar; photos from Bellur;
  • reflections from George Dovas;
  • an interview with Guruji;
  • highlights from article by Shirley Daventry French;
  • Yoga Sutras 1st Chapter - Concentration on the Devine by Andrew Horner;
  • gems from India - details regarding a George Dovas led workshop for March 1, 2009.


Volume 6 Issue 2: June, 2008

  • A "Rocky Mountain High" experienced while studying with Geeta Iyengar in British Columbia, Canada.
  • Linda Shevloff also shares some of her notes taken during Geeta's talk on Karma Yoga. 
  • "In the Midst of Darkness" reproduces inspirational quotations from the Yoga Benefit Workshop held last month for earthquake survivors in China.
  • We learn more about Father Joe Periera, a Catholic priest and senior Iyengar Yoga teacher from India. 
  • In "The Teaching Dilemma," Angela Tam explores what is Yoga - discipline or product?


Volume 6 Issue 1: February, 2008


  • Yoga Journal reports on Yoga in Hong Kong where the Iyengar Yoga Centre of Hong Kong ranks highly. Linda Shevloff explains the meaning of each figure on the altar at The Iyengar Yoga Centre of Hong Kong - it is a source of much inspiration.
  • Teacher trainer Andrew Horner explores the obstacles in his path to yoga with a touch of humour. Duhkha - pain or misery - is Andrew's key challenge: formerly, stiff hips, more recently stiff shoulders. His journey led to success, then, as Patanjali would classify it, viparyaya - the mistaken view which is observed after study. Mr. Iyengar describes it as bhranti darsana or false knowledge. 
  • An excerpt from a Geeta S. Iyengar audio transcript on the Patanjali Invocation.
  • Angela To finds happiness and the meaning of happiness in the study of the ancient Yoga Sutras with three other students and teacher George Dovas. In conclusion, she summarizes the session on the subtle meaning of "Om"
  • An extensive report on the Birjoo Mehta workshop
  • Hong Kong Iyengar Yoga teachers attended a Junior Intermediate workshop with Shirley French last August in Victoria, British Columbia
  • Midas Yoga by Angela Tam - how consumerism has wrought its Midas touch on yoga


Volume 5 Issue 2: September, 2007



  • Linda Shevloff's reflections bring to mind that life doesn't always go according to the best laid plans. Yoga helps us during these transitory times.
  • Glowing in Hong Kong is a piece written by Lauren Cox - our very popular, visiting teacher from British Columbia, Canada. 
  • An interview with Angela Tam recaps the essence of her Holy Sacrum workshop held in June of this year. 
  • Alex Tang, a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner takes a Leap of Faith and joins his wife for 40 consecutive early mornings of Sadhana at Iyengar Yoga Hong Kong studio. "The leap of faith," he concludes, "has changed my life forever."
  • In Aparigraha in Real Life, Lydia Tsang encourages us to consider the practice of non-coveting or non-collecting. 
  • Kathy Cook pens an enthusiastic, two-page recollection of her month in Pune, India at the BKS Iyengar Institute.


Volume 5 Issue 1: January, 2007


  • Linda Shevloff writes the lead story for this season's Svadhaya: Chanting the Invocation to Patanjali. Who was Patanjali? Why is the ancient Sanskrit text recited in India and Iyengar centres across the globe. How does this practice benefit student - and teacher? Included are the Sanskrit and English versions of the chant.
  • Studio teacher George Dovas, reflects upon The Yoga Sutras Class. To further understand how yoga works, he endeavours to grasp the essence - the heart of yoga. "I practice so I can feel it and know it innately, intuitively, instinctively," he writes. The Yoga Sutras Study class allows exploration of teachings that are thousands of years old and yet remain relevant in today's world.
  • Angela Tam, a Budhist and avid yoga practitioner at the Iyengar Yoga Hong Kong Centre, encourages readers to take the practice beyond the yoga mat. Despite widespread misconception, she continues, the Sanskrit word "karma" does not mean "fate" it means "action." Instead of being victims of a destiny we cannot change, we are the authors of our stories. We can do something about air pollution and climate change ourselves - settling for a smaller tv, unplugging appliances when they're not in use and flying less can all make a huge difference.
  • Kitty Wong shares "secrets" from a Shirley Daventry French workshop, the third such workshop she's attended.
  • A page of workshop photos is followed by the pros and cons expressed by students regarding a possible Yoga holiday in Thailand this September.


Volume 4 Issue 3: November, 2006


  • A month in Pune. Teachers George Dovas, Kristine Hodge and Ursula Moser report on their one month at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Institute in Pune, India.
  • George recalls attending an early evening Pranayama class taught by Geeta Iyengar. This experience acted as catalyst for a deep practice, and contemplation of his life's purpose. Soon after returning to Hong Kong, he came across a quote from Guruji. It affirmed the vehicle in which he will be true to this journey.
  • Krissie notes, "It was an amazing experience, one I will treasure and never forget."
  • Ursula attended her first classes with Prashant, the philosopher of the Iyengar family. She found his challenging sessions a wonderful learning experience: Do not get stuck, she writes. If conditions change, adjust quickly no matter what life brings us - even if it seems impossible!


Volume 4 Issue 2: June, 2006 


  • A home-coming to remember!
  • Early in the New Year, Iyengar Yoga HK faced a difficult turn of events. Their very existence seemed uncertain as rising rents would force them to leave their home of seven years. And yet, this distressing situation ended in an outpouring of gratitude and joy. The centre not only found a wonderful new home, but the opening of it perfectly coincided with the arrival of Faeq Biria, the director of the Iyengar Yoga Institute in Paris who was in Hong Kong to teach a five day workshop.
  • A puja, a Hindu ceremony is performed by Sri Faeq Biria to mark the opening.


Volume 4 Issue 1: January, 2006


  • Linda Shevloff's editorial reminds us that the Vietnamese Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh, named his book Peace is Every Step. This brings to mind a Buddhist mediation practice in which one observes the quality of every step, the mind at every step. Even in our simplest undertakings and intentions, every step is a choice we make.
  • Linda relates why she cherishes Iyengar Yoga. The path is a highway with many diversions. She navigates them by turning to the foundation of her lessons: before taking each step, she pauses to become balanced, grounded and clear of thought.
  • The History of Yoga in Hong Kong is related in Linda's talk at the Passion For Yoga Conference. In September 2005, she was a guest speaker at the opening of the Landmark Mandarin Oriental Spa.
  • Student, Tina Pang, writes of journeying to Dharamsala, India with fellow-student Rosi Ketxer. Their trip was a wealth of images: early morning, rooftop classes overlooking the Dharamsala Valley; maroon robes; prayer wheels; the Namgyal monastery and seat of the Dalai Lama; philosophy classes at the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives . . . an intriguing mix of cultural isolation and Internet cafes. A highlight of their stay was a public audience with Karmapa, the third most important figure in Tibetan Buddhism.

Volume 3 Issue 3: October, 2005


  • This issue of Svadhyaya opens with a beautiful photograph of B.K.S. Iyengar. It's gracing the cover of Light on Life, the latest book by Guruji.
  • Linda Shevloff starts her book review by rating the volume as a "must read" for all Iyengar students. "It is a practical and inspirational guide to help us deepen our understanding of yoga . . . ," she continues in her three-page review.
  • Following Linda's story are four articles, written by four of her trainee Iyengar teachers - they take us around the world and back.


Volume 3 Issue 2: May, 2005


  • B.K.S. Iyengar: quotes from his 1976 talk at Oxford University
  • practice, the heart of Yoga
  • setting up a Yoga practice forum
  • practicing self inquiry
  • description and illustrations of a Yoga sequence
  • eco yoga: Georg Feuerstein in his text Sacred Paths discusses our responsibility for the environment
  • Exploring the similarities between the Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras: the root message is the same
  • yoga workshop with Birjoo Mehta


Volume 3 Issue 1: January, 2005


  • 14 Hong Kong studio students and teachers travel to Pune, India to celebrate the 60th birthday of Geeta Iyengar. About 550 well wishers from 25 countries attended her five-day yoga sadhana. The 14 are thrilled to be invited to join over 1,000 other guests at Mr. Iyengar's 86th birthday dinner
  • photo journal of Mrs. Iyengar's birthday celebrations
  • thoughts on Shirley Daventry French's recent workshop
  • a new Iyengar teacher leaves Hong Kong and moves to Yemen where she sets up her home-based yoga studio
  • Hong Kong studio teacher trainer goes on a dive trip to Sulawesi Indonesia and finds similarities in both practices


Volume 2 Issue 2: September, 2004 


  • Iyengar Yoga Journeys and Studies
  • Pune India, with the Iyengars
  • France to attend workshop led by Faeq Biria
  • Our studio is certified as the Iyengar Yoga Centre of Hong Kong
  • Shirley Daventry French to return
  • special needs yoga for medical and therapeutic reasons

Volume 2 Issue 1: February, 2004


  • B.K.S. Iyengar celebrates his 85th birthday by giving six days of classes in Pune, India
  • Articles by Shobhna Chellaram and about Shirley Daventry French's latest workshops in Hong Kong
  • yoga sequence for home-practice: 20 positions


Volume 1 Issue 3: October, 2003


  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Faeq Biria's workshop and message
  • B.K.S. Iyengar's 85th birthday
  • studio to receive Iyengar certification
  • Shirley Daventry French workshop
  • exploration of "the good and the pleasant"
  • yoga for a healthy back


Volume 1 Issue 2: May, 2003


  • Yoga and transformation
  • yoga ethics: iyengar yoga based on an eight-limbed system first described two-three thousand years ago. The first tier, or limb, addresses five personal moral principles to be observed by yoga practitioners.
  • Yoga for strengthening immune system: 12 steps
  • Arjuna, hero of the Bhagavad Gita from one of the worlds finest mystical scriptures
  • Faeq Biria Announcement-yoga workshop level II and III
  • Shirley Daventry French, respected Canadian teacher comes to Hong Kong each year with inspiration and well-grounded instruction on yoga teachers: thoughts from B.K.S. Iyengar


Volume 1 Issue 1: January, 2003


  • Explores the journey of becoming an Iyengar yoga teacher;
  • explanation of the Patanjali invocation chanted at the start of asana classes
  • OM: what is the meaning of this ancient, holy sound
  • Tadasana the foundation for all poses
  • Setting up a home practice: can you find time for 30-60 minutes of yoga a day? If so, read on!
  • Shirley Daventry French back for her annual trip to Hong Kong from Canada where she's been teaching over 30 years



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