20% Discount Plan

Buy Account Credit & Save

Add “credit” to your account and use it to buy classes with a 20% discount. The discount is applied on the single visit price.

Your 20% discount privilege:

  • will have a validity of 90-days.
  • can be used for 60-min, 90-min and 2-hour classes.
  • can be used for face-to-face and online classes.
How Does It Work?
You pay $3,700, which consists of:
Account Credit: $3,500 worth of “account credit”. This is placed in your student account. You use this credit to “buy” classes.
20% Discount Privilege: when you purchase a “single visit” class (60-min, 90-min, 2-hours) you receive a 20% discount. The 20% discount privilege is valid for 90 days. So, even if you finish your account credit, you can still enjoy the 20% discount when you buy more single visit classes.
$200 Deposit
The $200 deposit is returned to your account if you use the $3,500 account credit within 90-days of the purchase date. The $200 is added back to your “account credit”.
What You Will Save….
60-min Classes90-min Classes2-hour Classes
Face-to-Face Classes
Single Visit Price$190$260$320
after 20% discount$152$208$256
Online Classes
Single Visit Price$150$200
after 20% discount$120$160

What Happens After 90 Days if I Have Not Used Up All the Credit?
– if you do not use up the $3,500 account credit within 90 days, the remaining balance stays in your account and you can still use it for purchases at our centre. 
– the $200 deposit is not returned to your account credit.
– the 20% discount privilege is removed from your account.

What Happens if I Use Up the Credit Before the 90 days?
– the $200 deposit is returned to your account credit.
– you continue to enjoy the 20% discount (on single visit prices).
– you can add more account credit (of any value) into your account, or you can pay for classes individually (with the 20% discount) until the original 90-days period has expired.

Why do we charge the $200 deposit?: the package is designed to offer the 20% discount for regular attendance. It is a way to encourage people to use the credit within the 90-day period.

Are All Classes Eligible for the 20% Discount?: Workshops and classes by visiting teachers are excluded (unless otherwise indicated). Classes that appear on the schedule on a regular basis are eligible for a 20% discount.

Click here for step-by-step instructions for booking a class with your 90-days account credit plan.