Yoga for Women

Dr. Geeta Iyengar has said:

"Yoga is one, but women and men differ from each other, and every individual differs from each other. Constitutionally though there is no difference as far as the physiological functioning of the body is concerned, yet constituently there are differences between men and women. It does not mean that yoga is different for a particular kind of body, but the capacity or ability is different for each person. It is only a question of how we adapt the practice so that it brings a proper balance and becomes suitable as far as the physical body and mental capacity is concerned. So we are supposed to understand this basic fact regarding the adoption of adjustments in the practice."

Yoga helps women to strengthen both their body and mind and create a state of balance and harmony.

The yoga postures are taught with emphasis for the physical and psychological well-being of women.

Date & Time: Sunday, 1:15pm - 3:15pm, 3 July 2022
Teacher: Victoria

A recording of this class will be available for 3 days.

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