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Beginner's Course

  • is an eight-class systematic course that teaches the basics;
  • is ideal for beginners;
  • is limited to a small number of students (6 students).
Your Commitment
  1. during the course, you can miss up to 3 (out of 8) classes for which you can re-schedule and attend a "make up” class;
  2. if you cannot attend a lesson, please notify us more than 4-hours in advance of the start time of the class. If you cancel within 4-hours of the class, the class will be charged.
What Should I Do After the Beginner's Course?

After the course you can repeat the course once more or attend “Level I” classes.
Your teacher will discuss the next steps with you.

Cost: $1,600 for 8 lessons.

The Level I class provides the necessary foundation for the practice ahead. It prepares your body with the mobility, stability and strength required to practice safely.

Basic standing poses are taught, as well as sitting and twisting poses. You are gradually introduced to inversions by learning how to do Salamba Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand).

If you have any conditions or injuries (sore knee, sore back, sore ankle etc) you learn how to modify poses.

The Level I class is suitable if you are new to Iyengar Yoga. We advise you attend an 8-lesson “Beginner’s Course”, if possible, to start your Yoga journey.

Have you been coming to Level I classes for some time and ready for the next step?

In this class Level II postures will be gradually and systematically introduced. You will also explore some Level I postures in greater depth.

This class prepares you for the Level II class. Current Level II students are also encouraged to attend this class.

In Level II you will explore poses in more detail as well as learn to hold them longer. A wider range of poses are introduced, including the inversion Salamba Sirsasana (headstand).

A greater emphasis will be placed on alignment as well as moving deeper into the postures. Level II will help you develop a good grounding as a Yoga “practitioner” — more emphasis will be placed on clarity, focus and attention.

Students should have experience in practicing the poses taught in Level I classes before attending Level II.

After a solid understanding of the Level II poses is acquired, and students have committed to regular practice, they move on to Level III.

Here, you are working at an intermediate level and require progressively greater knowledge of the poses and the capacity to maintain them.
In this class you are expected to know how to handle any limitations. You should also be attending self practice sessions at the studio and/or practicing at home.

By this stage, Yoga is a part of your life – you don’t start and stop because life gets “busy”. The “busier” you are, the more you rely on your Yoga practice to help you prioritise, develop mental clarity, keep your emotions stable and to balance your nervous system (building resilience as well having adequate recovery time with deep states of rest and relaxation).

This class is for experienced Iyengar Yoga students and teachers of Iyengar Yoga. Students should have an established home practice. Permission is required before attending Level IV classes.

Prerequisite: permission is required before attending Level IV classes.

This class explores the body’s subtle energy, called “prana”, through various breathing practices and techniques. Pranayama practice develops a smooth relaxed breath, improves heart function and reduces stress. It is useful if you already have experience in the regular classes before attending the Pranayama class.

As well as offering a Pranayama class, Pranayama is also incorporated into the regular classes.

Constant stress has a negative effect on the human body. In this class, restorative Yoga poses are taught to induce relaxation and strengthen the immune state. In addition, restorative Yoga poses can regulate body functions and calm the mind. As well as a regular 90-minute class, we also offer a two-hour Restorative Yoga class once a month.

There are no prerequisites for attending this class — but it is often better if you have some Level I experience. You will adapt to the restorative yoga poses more easily having done some general classes. If you are not sure, please ask your regular teacher.

During this time students of the centre are invited to come along and do their own, personal practice amongst fellow students. Students of all levels are welcome as each student will work on their own practice. We will provide some practice sheets if you are not sure where to start.

During a Self Practice Time slot you can come for as little or as long as you like within the allotted time frame.

Prerequisite: students attending must have a current package with the Iyengar Yoga Centre of Hong Kong.

Cost for Self Practice Time: $50

The Specific Needs class is an opportunity for students with injuries, ailments or special conditions to practice Iyengar Yoga with a personalised yoga sequence under the supervision of a teacher. It is suitable for students who have a condition that precludes them from attending the regular classes. This class is suitable for students who are pregnant.

Props will be used to assist the student and help them practice safely. Over time, the senior teacher will change the sequence according to the progress of the student.

A personalised sequence can be created for a range of muscoloskeletal problems such as shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, knee pain or back issues. Students with other health challenges, including hypertension, diabetes, some neurological issues (multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome) can also practice in this environment.

As each student’s needs are unique, please call the centre to discuss your needs.

The emphasis in this class is on strengthening the back and increasing flexibility. The class focuses on the shoulders, neck and the back. Everyone is welcome.

The Children’s class will enhance a child’s strength and mobility whilst increasing confidence and independence.

The class will inspire your child’s imagination and creativity and help with lifelong skills like problem solving, concentration and positivity.

Children’s yoga is for ages 7 and up.

Students who are pregnant are invited to attend the “Specific Needs” class. A program will be tailored for a pregnant student with poses to benefit the woman during her pregnancy. Poses are taught that strengthen the body appropriately without straining or over exerting the student. Relaxation techniques that are important to a comfortable pregnancy are also taught. Registration is essential for this class. Please contact us.

Prerequisites: women should have completed the first trimester of pregnancy before attending. First time students should contact the centre before attending.

Private Consultations: Private consultations are available if a student is working with an injury, a medical condition or needs specific help with a particular area of their practice. In the private consultation some specific advice can be given to the student. Mostly, students are encouraged to do their primary study in a class environment. In the Iyengar method the practice can be tailored for the different needs of students within the class environment.

From time to time, students enquire about starting their Yoga practice by taking private classes. Rather than starting the practice of Yoga with private lessons, we recommend that new students take an Introductory Iyengar Yoga Course.

Semi-Private Classes: Semi-private classes are available for small groups of students (from 2 – 5 students). If you are interested in arranging a semi-private class, please contact us.

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