In the yoga tradition, study is considered an important means to self-knowledge.

In previous years, The Iyengar Yoga Centre of Hong Kong published a magazine named Svadhyaya, three times a year. After a hiatus of some years, The Iyengar Yoga Centre re-started the publishing of the magazine, re-named "Samasthiti". At the moment, we are not publishing the magazine.

The magazine provided a forum for discussion about Iyengar Yoga and helped transfer information and knowledge about yoga to students within our community and beyond. At the moment our Facebook page is used as the means to share information with members of the community. Even if you are not signed up to Facebook, the information shared on our Facebook page is accessible for viewing.

Svadhyaya: Volume 5 Issue 1: January, 2007
Svadhyaya: Volume 5 Issue 2: September, 2007
Svadhyaya: Volume 6 Issue 1: February, 2008
Svadhyaya: Volume 6 Issue 2: June, 2008
Svadhyaya: Volume 7 Issue 1: January, 2009
Samasthiti Issue 1, June, 2013